A map of Wotton-Under-Edge highlighting the Cotswold Way

Outdoors – A map for developers

Save hours of your time reworking generic, bland maps to make them suitable for outdoors activities. We’ve already done the work for you.

Outdoors is carefully tailored to show hiking routes, ski runs, and topographical features.

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An outdoor map for web apps and mobile devices

Designed to be easy to read in hilly, mountainous and backcountry areas.

A map of Yosemite Valley
Hand-curated Detail

Make sure your customers know what to expect so they can be confident in their plans

Trails, natural features, and amenities - like chairlifts & accomodation options - are prioritised.

Hiking paths are graded by difficulty (using the SAC scale). As the difficulty increases, the paths turn from black to red and the dashes shorten until they become dots.

A map showing Seattle and surrounding cities
Thoughtful Design

Make it easy for your customers to stay on track with easy to read maps

All design – from the background and elevation colouring to land use and buildings – has been carefully selected to make them easy to navigate for athletes, adventurers and tourists.

Terrain features and elevation are easy to recognise, while icons and labels are clearly visible on small screens.

Cartographer and company founder

Andy Allan

“Outdoors was the fourth style that we designed. I wanted to create a counterpart to OpenCycleMap, but where the main focus would be on hiking and walking routes, rather than cycling routes. I also wanted them to be visually distinct from each other.

I started from scratch with a whole new set of colours, both for the background and elevation colouring, but also for land use, buildings and so on.”

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A map showing points of interest in Ambleside
Regular Updates

Regular improvements mean your customers will always have the most recent information

We operate a policy of continuous improvement, whether that means implementing changes from our source material (OpenStreetMap) or making our own changes.

We recently improved our display of wetlands, for example.

Available in our maps APIs:

Created in-house using our Vector Sources API:

Use Cases

The Outdoors map helps your end users navigate outdoor locations anywhere in the world.

  • Hiking and trekking apps
  • Skiing apps
  • Backpacking apps
  • Backcountry apps
  • Tourism and rental apps
  • Warning apps (avalanche, and so on)
  • Dog tracking apps
  • Cycling apps

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