Custom Cartography

Perhaps you like the maps that you see, but want to have a few things changed for your site. Or maybe you want a completely different map design - showing particular things that are important to your customers. We can build you the maps that you need.

Making a map style is complex and time-consuming, but we can draw on our existing experience with OpenStreetMap data and serving tiles at all traffic volumes to customise your new map quickly and hassle-free. We can iterate quickly based on your feedback to get exactly what you’re looking for.

We have two different services on offer:

Custom Thunderforest Styles

If you like our existing map styles but want some features removed, then we can tweak them for you. Perhaps you want to show hiking routes as a transparent overlay, or use the background layers from OpenCycleMap with other features on top. Or perhaps you want to tweak the colours on the Transport map to match your own site. All these are possible with the Custom Thunderforest Styles service.

Style Conversions

If you have already started creating your map in Tilemill or another system, we can convert your style to be powered by Thunderforest. We’ve worked with companies all around the world to perfect the look and navigate through the cartographic and data options. We can take your existing cartography and solve your problems for you.

We can also convert your existing map styles from CartoCSS, Mapnik XML, Cascadenik, SLD or even ArcMap .lyr styles to work with our Thunderforest vector tiles.


If you’d like more information on any of these options, please drop us a line or see the Pricing page. We look forward to hearing from you!