Thunderforest Pricing

Our customers range from multi-nationals and magazines to goods delivery providers and tourism organisations. If you don’t find a plan here that suits you, just get in touch.

Hobby Project

Test out your ideas while trying our APIs for free. Easily upgrade to a paid plan.

150,000 tile requests per month


  • Global Coverage
  • Automatic Updates
  • No Surge Charges
  • Limited Quota

Solo Developer

Add maps to one or two smaller projects.

1,500,000 tile requests per month

£95 per month

  • All features from Hobby Project
  • Generous Quota
  • Email Support

Small Business

Support maps on external or internal projects.

15,000,000 tile requests per month

£195 per month

  • All features from Solo Developer
  • Substantial increase in Quota
  • Bulk Downloads

Large Business

Support maps on multiple high-volume projects.

150,000,000 tile requests per month

£395 per month

  • All features from Small Business
  • Significant increase in Quota
  • Additional Quota available
  • Priority Support

All prices shown exclude VAT.

Enterprise and Premium Service pricing are available on request.

Questions and Answers

What is a request?

We count individual HTTP requests to our API. For example, with our Map Tiles API each time you request an map tile image, that counts as a request. Static Map API requests and Vector Tiles API requests count as 10 Map Tile API requests.

How many requests will a typical page view generate?

Converting from page views per month into tiles per month depends hugely on the size and prominence of the map on your site or in your app. As a rough guide, a typical page view will lead to around 15-20 map tiles being loaded.

Where can I see how many requests I'm using?

You can see how many requests you've made on your Dashboard when you log into your Thunderforest account.

What happens if I use all my requests?

If you run out of quota then we'll be in touch. We'll send you an email and recommend the best plan for you to upgrade to.

How do I try out Thunderforest?

The easiest way to try out our services is to sign up for the Hobby Project plan, and test our APIs in your application or website. When you've checked that everything is working, you can upgrade to a paid account.

What happens if I have an unexpected traffic surge?

If your traffic suddenly surges, we'll make sure your maps keep working. You'll get an email from us if it uses up all your quota, but we won't suddenly cut you off.

Can I bulk download?

Bulk Downloading is where your application fetches map images that aren't about to be viewed by the end user, and is typically used to prepare areas for future offline use. You can enable bulk downloading in your app only on our Small Business or higher plans.

Can I remove the Thunderforest and OpenStreetMap attribution?

No, it's not permitted to remove the attribution from your app or your website.

Go to our Docs section for more technical details, or get in touch.

Custom Cartography - what do you need?

Custom map styling is complex and time-consuming. Let us do the hard work for you.

Customize an existing Thunderforest map style for your business

We can remove background or overlays, change the colours or change the features shown.

Convert a style to run it on Thunderforest

If you have an existing map style, whether it’s based on Mapnik or another technology, we can convert it to run on Thunderforest.

See pricing and more information on custom cartography