Thunderforest is a global provider of thoughtfully-created activity maps.

We host multiple map styles and serve millions of requests per day to clients all around the globe, from multi-national companies who use our product internally, to mountain biking magazines and European tourism organisations.

The origins of Thunderforest can be traced right back to one man, and his mate, on their bikes.

Company founder, Andy Allan, started contributing to OpenStreetMap in 2006 as a volunteer mapper, with a hand-held GPS.

Read more about our Open Source work.

Today, Thunderforest maintains a growing library of map styles based on OpenStreetMap data, as well as building custom maps and working on technical improvements.

Read more about why we use OpenStreetMap and how we add value.

Thunderforest’s first success – the award-winning OpenCycleMap – is used by millions of cyclists around the world.

OpenCycleMap was Thunderforest’s first success

Our global, tight-knit team

We’re a small, tight-knit team that works remotely. Our focus is on moving carefully but quickly, ensuring that we have reliable processes in place to support our customers.

Andy continues to steer the team from his UK home office.

Technology & imagination

Thunderforest combines technical aptitude with imagination (and experience). We’re proficient in using powerful, complex software to create thoughtful, user-friendly maps.

Although most of the maps we create are helpful activity maps, we do let our imaginations go wild occasionally!

The Thunderforest Spinal Map combines real data and imaginative detail

Get in touch

You can contact us to discuss your projects and needs. Email is best. We’ll be in touch as soon as we can.