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Atlas – A map for developers

Atlas is a clean, clear style that performs well on desktops or mobiles.

The calm, minimal style is easy for your users to navigate. It also allows overlaid content to stand out.

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A clear base style for web apps and mobile devices

Atlas is suitable for a wide-range of use cases, including industry, education, infrastructure and tourism.

A map of downtown Chicago showing streets and railways
Hand-Curated Detail

Simplified cartography so customised items stand out

Atlas has a soft, restrained colour palette that provides context without overwhelming your users.

Atlas is an ideal base map for overlaid content.

We can make any type of customisation that you need, from minor branding changes to adding extensive detail.

See our customisation page for more information. Don’t waste time trying to customise maps yourself.

Thoughtful Styling

Restrained design that makes navigation simple

Atlas is a useful, usable base layer that lets key items stand out.

Roads are easy to locate, but muted in white. Geographical context has a supporting role, but doesn’t dominate.

Customers expectations are met – water is blue and rural land green. However, we’ve reduced the density of labels and settlements to make navigation easier.

Regular Updates

Users always have the most recent information

All of our maps are updated several times per day with fresh data.

We also regularly update our cartography to improve clarity and add new information.

Available in our maps APIs:

Created in-house using our Vector Sources API:

Use Cases

Atlas is used by a diverse range of companies and educational organisations, across multiple sectors.

  • Ideal for apps that require customisation
  • A good choice for apps that need to be useful, usable and uncluttered

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