A map showing cliffs, scree and mountain peaks

Landscape – A map for developers

Do you need a map that shows the natural world in all its beauty and topographical detail? We’ve done the work for you.

Landscape has been designed to be almost three-dimensional when you look at it. It is ideal for users who plan to navigate – and appreciate – wild places.

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A landscape map for web apps and mobile devices

Designed to be easy to understand on any device, Landscape is ideal for users exploring, charting or surveying the natural world.

A map showing the mountains and valleys of the Alps
Thoughtful Design

Understand the topography at a glance

Wherever your users are, they’ll be able to clearly see what natural features they’ll encounter.

Mountains rise off the page, valleys plunge and water glints blue.

Landscape is a practical navigational guide as well as a promise of adventures to come.

A map showing bays and mountains in Hong Kong
Hand-Curated Detail

Inspired by traditional cartography – reusing what works

Our design for Landscape has been inspired by traditional cartography, which blends incredible detail with intuitive design.

Hand-curated detail on Landscape includes:

  • Cliffs
  • Scree
  • Scrubland
  • Fields
  • Orchards
  • Springs

Landscape doesn’t include manmade points of interest, hiking routes or ski routes (choose Outdoors if these are important for you).

Cartographer and company founder

Andy Allan

As the Landscape project developed, I realised that I wanted to create a map that is focused just on the natural features of the landscape, instead of the urban and manmade features that are the focus of most other maps.

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A map showing villages and fields in Poland
Regular Updates

Users always have the most recent information

All of our maps are updated several times per day with fresh data.

We also regularly update our cartography to improve clarity, as we discover better ways of showing specific information.

Available in our maps APIs:

Created in-house using our Vector Sources API:

Use Cases

Landscape is ideal for users exploring mountainous, maritime or back country places.

  • Industry, educational and survey apps
  • Backcountry and geocaching apps
  • Activity, travel and adventure apps

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