Custom Map Hosting

Do you have your own OpenStreetMap map style? Or have you tried out TileMill, loved it, but don’t want to run a production tile server? We can take care of your infrastructure needs.

We will take your map style, run it through a series of performance tests and take care of adapting it to the Thunderforest tile serving infrastructure. You won’t need to worry about updating the databases, performance issues, tile expiry, dealing with tile scrapers or anything like that. Simply concentrate on your map style, and we’ll do the rest.

If you want to use TileMill, but don’t want to spend time installing databases or learning SQL, then we have bundles of pre-prepared shapefiles that you can use to develop your style. These allow you to get cracking with creating your style, and make it easy for us to swap datasources on the live server. With the minimum of fuss, your map style will be available on a global scale with full automatic updates from OpenStreetMap.

Options are available for Standard Hosting, and Pro Hosting which includes contours and hillshading. See the Pricing page for more.