Vector Tileset thunderforest.transport-v2

Originally designed to power the Transport layer, this vector tileset is also useful for general-purpose maps since it contains roads and paths and can serve as a reasonably lightweight alternative to the thunderforest.outdoors-v2 tileset. It’s a good place to start.

The tilejson endpoint for this vector tileset is{apikey}

Available layers

Layer ID Description
ocean Ocean Polygons
greenspace Green spaces - a mixture of parks, gardens, woods and forests
water Water polygons
waterway Linear water features - rivers, streams, canals etc
water-feature Selected water features
wetland Wetland areas
ferry Ferry routes
aeroway-area Aeroway areas, such as runways and taxiways
aeroway Aeroway linear features, such ares runways and taxiways
aerialway Aerialways, such as cable cars and chair lifts
building Buildings
road Roads
path Paths, tracks, steps etc
railway-platform Railway platforms
railway-platform-area Railway platform areas
railway Railways, monorails, subways etc.
stop-zone Bus stop zones, collected by name
bus-route Bus route and trolley bus route lines
admin Administrative boundaries, such as countries, states and regions
country-line Country Borders from Natural Earth
state-line State borders from Natural Earth
country-label Country centroids, for label placement
state-label State centroids, for label placement
place-label Places, such as town, cities, villages and islands
railway-station Railway stations, halts and tram stops
aeroway-label Labels for aeroway features
stop-zone-label Labels for bus stop zones
bus-stop Bus stop positions
bus-stop-label Bus stop labels
bus-route-label Labels for bus routes
trolleybus-route-label Labels for trolleybus routes
railway-platform-label The name and ref for railway platforms
road-label Labels for roads
path-label Labels for paths, tracks, steps etc