Vector Tileset thunderforest.outdoors-v1

This was our second vector tileset to be designed, and contains all the information needed to render maps such as our Outdoors, Landscape and OpenCycleMap layers. Notably it contains a rich set of points of interest, along with topographic information such as contours and hillshading.

The tilejson endpoint for this vector tileset is{apikey}

Available layers

Layer ID Description
elevation Elevation polygons. 0, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000, 1250, 1500, 1750, 2000, 2500, 3000m above sea level
landcover-lowzoom Lowzoom landcover
landuse Landuse polygons, such as residential, industrial, park, garden, school
landcover Landcover polygons, such as forest, wood, orchard, beach, farmland
glacier Glaciers
wetland Wetland areas
hillshade Hillshading polygons
contour 10 metre contours
water Water polygons
waterway Linear water features - rivers, streams, canals etc
water-feature Selected water features
piste-line Ski pistes mapped as lines
piste-area Ski pistes mapped as areas
ocean-lowzoom Ocean Polygons
ocean Ocean Polygons
ferries Ferry routes
aeroway-area no description yet
aeroway no description yet
road-area Roads and paths mapped as areas
golf Golfing features
sport-pitch Sports pitches. Uses the openstreetmap-fr scheme
building no description yet
barrier no description yet
railway-siding Railway sidings and yards
railway Railways, monorails, subways etc.
path Paths
road-lowzoom Lowzoom roads
road Roads
snowmobile Snowmobile routes
hiking no description yet
cycling-lowzoom no description yet
cycling no description yet
mountain-biking no description yet
aerialway no description yet
power no description yet
country-line Country Borders from Natural Earth
state-line State borders from Natural Earth
country-label Country centroids, for label placement
state-label State centroids, for label placement
city-label Cities
place-label Place centroids from the polygon table
railway-station Railway stations
poi-label no description yet
golf-label no description yet
glacier-label no description yet
cycling-node-network-label no description yet
hiking-label no description yet
path-label no description yet
road-label no description yet
water-label no description yet
landuse-label no description yet
landcover-label no description yet
waterway-label no description yet