The eagle-eyed among you (and there are several!) will have noticed that we added two new map styles to our list a couple of months ago - Neighbourhood and Mobile Atlas. More on the latter in a future post.

Neighbourhood is another great map design from Richard Fairhurst, demonstrating the flexibility of the Thunderforest vector tiles. This is a general-purpose map that can be used for a wide variety of situations. Neighbourhood can be used as a background layer for your own points of interest and other overlays, or as a location map for place finding. It’s great for looking at local areas since we’ve condensed street names to display as many as possible, and we have clear labels standing out from an uncluttered background.

And yes, we’ve gone for the British spelling of Neighbourhood - so watch your spelling! If you’d like to use this map layer on your website or in your application, sign up for an account and get started today.